Angola bans flight and closes borders amid COVID-19

Due to the vigorous spread of COVID-19 pandemic,  the Angolan Government has announced the suspension of all commercial and private passenger flights. According to the government, the decree which will last for the next 15days might be extendable to an equal period of time, depending on the global behaviour of the disease.

The Angola President of the Republic, João Lourenço signed the decree on Wednesday, according to the document, all passengers who disembark at national airports by noon on March 20, 2020, must complete the health control form upon disembarkation required by the competent authorities.

The note also stresses that these passengers must stay at home for a minimum period of fourteen days and comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. The provisional decree bans visit to the citizens during the period of time they are in quarantine.

The Decree points out that the administrations and departments of the institutions of the Central and Local Administration of the State, as well as the employers of public and private companies, must consider as justified the absence from work of the citizens, which results from the observance of the quarantine period, under the terms the provisions of this law. The ban also covers the circulation of people at land borders, docking and disembarkation of passenger ships and their crews, coming from outside the country, in all national ports. The measure points out the note, is not applicable to the docking and disembarkation of cargo ships.

As for cargo ships, the disembarkation of crews is only allowed in case of need for assistance for medical and humanitarian grounds, observing, in any case, the prevention protocol established to combat the pandemic of COVID-19.

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This includes holding of public events such as religious cults, cultural, recreational, sporting, political, associative, tourist, private and any other activities, with the agglomeration of more than 200 (two hundred) people.

It adds that all public and private facilities, including shopping centers, markets, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, train and bus stations, ports, airports, places of worship, offices, schools and other congregation places that remain open to the public must create adequate and accessible conditions for hand hygiene, with soap and running water, or disinfectant based on alcohol gel.

On the other hand, the document recommends to all citizens the observance of restriction in close personal contacts, such as handshakes and hugs, especially in congregational settings, such as schools, offices, places of worship and others.

It also recommends the permanent observance of hygiene measures that avoid dissemination, participation in unnecessary meetings, as well as taking trips to the inland and abroad that are not essential.

Finally, it particularly recommends the observance of strict hygiene standards, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, in the means of collective passenger transport, such as buses, taxis, trains, airplanes, and ships.

The decree also directs the competent bodies of the State, assigned to the Ministries of Health, Interior, National Defence and Transport to ensure compliance with and materialization of the guidelines.

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