Foundation gives N25million relief fund to rural women in Nigeria

According to reports, a pan-African organization with interest in the development, empowerment, and prosperity of women in Africa has announced a relief fund of N25 million to support widows and poor women in select rural communities in Edo and Lagos States.

The Felix King Foundation, whose founder/president of the foundation, Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, had said  “The funds tagged resurrection funds is to help these women in these difficult times and to support them during the Easter period. There is no time better to lift our women up than the Easter period – which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” he added.

He said, “After making a donation of soaps to support the effort of Edo state government in combating the spread of Coronavirus in rural communities, Felix King Foundation has further set aside N25million to support widows and poor women in selected rural communities in Edo, Lagos and Ogun states.”

King… The oracle's lifelines for widows | The Guardian Nigeria ...

He stated that the palliative will be distributed to these rural women in the coming days to ameliorate the suffering of these helpless but industrious women, who can no longer sell their market and engage in other daily income activities. “The impact of the lockdown is impacting negatively on these women as most of them rely on daily earning to survive.”

“The fund is tagged ‘resurrection funds’ because of the season we are in and the relief fund is meant to help them have food on their table during this Easter and beyond. Our focus here is these categories of women because they are always the forgotten ones.” Each woman is expected to get 10,000 Naira each.

The ambition is to reach and empower 36,000 women by 2029 has seen a steady rise in the development and prosperity of rural women and widows in communities where the foundation’s work has been profound.

It will be recalled that the foundation’s inaugural Startups Africa, which should have taken place in Lagos between March 27 and 28, 2020, was postponed due to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic with a new date to be announced.

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