London: Minority Workers Paid 22% Less than white workers

According to the Office for National Statistics data, ethnic minority workers in London are paid 21.7% less on average than white employees.

Last year, the capital — which is home to the highest proportion of workers identifying as being from an ethnic minority origin, had the largest low pay gap in the country. Across the whole of Britain, the Ethnic minority workers in the UK earned on average 3.8% less while those of Chinese background had the highest.

The report says White British people account for almost 80% of the working population. The second largest group and that had the highest employment rates were the White workers of other nationalities, such as European or Australian.

The data published on Tuesday showed workers of Bangladesh and Pakistani ethnic origin had the lowest median pay while those of Chinese and Indian background had the highest, “However, once characteristics such as education and occupation are taken into account, the pay gap between White British and most other ethnic groups becomes narrower, though significant differences still remain.” the ONS said.

Theresa May, Last year, announced a consultation on plans to force businesses to reveal their ethnicity pay gaps, in the same way, that they are now obliged to do for gender.

After the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting in the U.K., the government is considering the possibility of also requiring companies to publish data on wage disparities for citizens of “Black, Asian and minority ethnic,” or BAME, origins. Public consultation ended in January and already some firms, including PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and broadcaster ITN, have voluntarily decided to release their own numbers.

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