Lonestar Cell MTN Reaches Out to Liberian Women At 14 Military Hospital

Employees of local GSM giant Lonestar Cell MTN honored female caregivers at the 14 Military Hospital on Mother’s Day, presenting care packages to 50 health workers (doctors, nurses, and caretakers) who expressed warm thanks for the gestures.

Observing social distancing guidelines, Lonestar Cell MTN held posters hailing the female health workers and thanking them for their work on the front line helping Liberia fight COVID-19. In an excited response to the kind gesture by Lonestar Cell MTN, the medical team made a special request for the song, ‘Strength of a Woman’ to be played as they danced in front of the medical center.

As Liberia combats the coronavirus outbreak, Lonestar Cell MTN has stood with and continues to stand with the government and the people of Liberia to ensure that those in need are supported and that Liberia can be corona-free.

The company has also been giving out quarantine relief packages to people in need around Monrovia. Some residents of West Point, Popo Beach, Doe Community, Jacob Town, Tonpoe Village, Gardnersville (Chocolate City), Duala, Peace Community, GSA Road, Duport Road, ELWA community and members of the National Disability Union have received food and sanitation packages.

Lonestar also showed solidarity to Liberia National Police by distributing refreshment packages to checkpoints around Monrovia for police officers working to keep citizens safe. In the coming days, Lonestar plans to expand its donations to communities outside of Montserrado.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in Liberia, the company has supported the national efforts through its Y’ello Hope initiative which has been instrumental in many ways.

This includes keeping customers informed about the coronavirus/COVID-19 and how to stay safe and protected and helped to inform customers on the various actions being taken by the Government to ensure the safety of all Liberians ad well as clear up any myths related to the pandemic.

The company says it has sent out over 2 million messages have been sent out to Lonestar Cell MTN customers to provide them with health tips.It said it has ease the cost burden for Lonestar Cell MTN’s customers who have lost their sources of income in this period.

The company said it is offering a special bundle on *156*19#, which gives customers a daily allocation of minutes, data and SMS for work and staying in touch with friends and family has so far helped subscribers save more than 2 million LRD.On helping government, Lonestar Cell MTN says it has donated 500 phones, SIMs and airtime was made to MOH/NPHIL through the Office of the Vice President to be used for contact tracing and for people in quarantine to stay in touch with their friends and family.

At the company’s offices and service centers, precautionary measures have been put in place to help slow down the rate of infection including enforcing social distancing protocols, temperature checks and washing of hands before entering the premises. 80% of the company’s staff are working from home.

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