Man dies after taking chloroquine in attempt to ward off COVID-19

The man’s wife said they had watched Donald Trump talking about the potential advantages of chloroquine.

A man in Arizona has died in the wake of ingesting chloroquine phosphate – trusting it would shield him from contracting coronavirus.

The man’s wife likewise ingested the substance and is getting basic consideration.

She said they had watched US President Donald Trump talking about the potential advantages of chloroquine treating coronavirus during broadcast briefings.

Be that as it may, the drug the couple consumed was not the prescription type of chloroquine used to treat malaria fever in people, however, the fixing recorded on a parasite treatment for fish.

While no medications are affirmed to forestall or treat COVID-19, the illness brought about by the coronavirus, some early research proposes chloroquine could help it.

The man’s significant other, who requested to stay unknown, said she had recently utilized chloroquine to treat her koi fish.

She disclosed: “I saw it sitting on the back rack and thought, ‘Hello, isn’t that the stuff they’re discussing on TV?'”

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