Neocolonialism: Would Africa ever be free?

The People’s Republic of China has lent its helping hand to Africa but it might be at an age-long expense. It might interest you to know that China is always a call away posing as a big brother to Africas’ cry.

As the debt profile of the continent increases, it’s would benefit the next generation if the current African leaders take a cue from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, who in turn secured a loan from China to build a port, after defaulting in payment, hand over the port to the Chinese.

Top 5 African countries indebted to China

  1. Angola – Owing 25 billion dollars
  2. Ethiopia – Owing 13.5 billion dollars
  3. Kenya – Ticking financial timebomb
  4. The Republic of the Congo – “Congo is officially in debt distress” – IMF
  5. Sudan – Debt profile unsustainable

Video Credit: China Uncensored

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