Suspected mastermind of June 27 bombings, blows up himself, after police chase.

On Wednesday the interior ministry said the suspected mastermind of twin suicide bombings in Tunis last week was killed when he blew himself up during a police manhunt outside the capital.

Sofiene Zaag ministry spokesman told AFP that on Tuesday night, the Police had tracked the suspect down to the working class suburb of Interlake where he detonated a suicide vest.

Zaag said “The terrorist Aymen Smiri was implicated in the twin suicide bombings on Thursday and investigations proved that he was the mastermind of the operation,” he also added, he was a “very active and very daring leader.”

A spokesman said the investigation had led police to Ibn Khaldoun, near Intilaka, where the 23-year-old who lives.

“We tracked him down and followed him until he was cornered in Intilaka but happily he blew himself up away from other people.”

Zaag added Smiri was suspected of “planning a terrorist operation targeting security personnel,”

An AFP correspondent reported that his remains were scattered along a more than 50 meters (yard) stretch of pavement near a metro station in Intilaka.

35years old Ibrahim Mejri, a Resident, said: “I saw him running to try to get away from the police then suddenly he blew himself up.”

The bombings on Thursday in Tunis killed a policeman and brought back memories of deadly 2015 attacks on foreign holidaymakers and security staffs that dealt a serious blow to the country’s vital tourism industry.

The ministry spokesman said. “The two suicide bombers were identified and a significant number of arrests made,”

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